Moscowin Kaveri – Tamil Movie Review

Production: D. Ramesh Babu
Direction: Ravi Varman
Star-casts: Rahul, Samantha, Harshvardhan, Boys Manikandan, Santhanam, director Seeman and others
Music: Tamman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Cinematography: Ravi Varman
Editing: Anthony
Art: Thotta Tharani
Stunt: Kanal Kannan
Choreography: Kalyan

Cinematographers rising with a new avatar as filmmakers have been considerably successful. Say for instance – Balu Mahendra, Santhosh Sivan, Thankar Bacchan and many more. The latest to join the bandwagon is cinematographer Ravi Varman. The definitions of his title ‘Moscowin Kaveri’ was interesting and had kept us high on expectations. It was all said to be focalizing on the changing perception of love by contemporaneous youth cohorts working in IT sectors.

But Ravi Varman scatters away from this point and comes up with a film that is so flimsy, weak and uninteresting.

The egoistic conflicts between a guy and gal have been delineated from ancient ages of Tamil cinema. It’s a must understand situation for all filmmakers that it isn’t something that popped up because of emerging IT era.

First 20mins into the film, you’re sure to wriggle your heads on what’s going on. Maybe, the intermission point drops a second thought on walking out. The first half (45mins) doesn’t even establish the basic plot. Irrelevant segments and disorder narration are sure to get us graveled.

The film’s central characters Moscow (Rahul) and Kaveri (Samantha) are like poles standing apart on every aspect. So silly to see the same old pettifoggeries ‘“ I want to get the rooms painted my favorite colors; I want to take rest, I don’t like your food etc’¦etc’¦ The difference of opinions and contradictory views leads to their alienation. Oops! Within next 15mins before climax a convict (Harshvardhan) wanted for several murder cases breaks into their house confining them as hostages. A police officer, whose wife and baby were killed by the same person, is on the mission of trapping him.

Nothing to blame on the story as even a simple tale can be polished well with a nitty-gritty screenplay. But Ravi Varman seems to have gone astray as the film doesn’t get a proper shape. Ravi Varman’s visual pictorials are splendidly done and there’s nothing to blame on that.

Over-graded colors and unwanted props in the frame like bunches of fruits, colorful elements does make things artificial. Thotta Tharani’s art work is fantastic while Anthony’s rookie editing could have been avoided.

Newcomer Rahul looks cute and has a great way to go. In few places, he seems to have imitated Madhavan’s style of dialogues while Samantha looks beautiful. Y. Gee. Mahendran’s son Harshvardhan could have chosen a good script and challenging role. His character is so unrealistic and blames Ravi Varman for that. Santhanam’s part during second half makes the film going at mediocre while ‘Boys’ Manikandan doesn’t get prominence and Seeman’s cameo role is good.

Technically, the songs by Thaman are nice and lyrical lines by Vairamuthu are appreciable.

On the whole, ‘Moscowin Kaveri’ runs short off a good script and gripping screenplay. The last 20mins of the film has some interesting moments, but an ordinary climax creates aversion amongst audiences.

What works: Music, Santhanam, good looking lead actors

What doesn’t work: Story, confusing screenplay, direction, editing’¦

Verdict: The dried rivers’¦

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