Inidhu Inidhu – Tamil Movie Review

Cast: Reshmi, Aadith, Gia umar, Narayan, Sharran, Benaas, Vimal
Director: K.V. Guhan
Cinematographer: K.V. Guhan
Producer: Prakashraj
Banner: Duet Movies
Music Director: Mickey J. Meyer

It’s a promise well-kept! If you’ve paid attention to all the promo activities for the movie, you already know producer Prakashraj says Inidhu Inidhu is an emotional movie that will remind you of your college days. And if you’re in college right now, there’s a lot about the movie that rings true. That’s what really makes Inidhu Inidhu (remake of the Telugu hit Happy Days) an entertainer worth watching.

“I just wanted it to be a peek into the college life of a bunch of kids,” says Prakashraj, and that’s precisely what it is. Nothing more and in no way less.

What is it about?

The story starts on Day 1 of college. Seven teenagers from varying backgrounds take the big step – out of school and into college – with their personal reservations and expectations. Each character is sketched in a different hue. Sugary sweet Madhu, a typical boy next door Sidhu, tomboy Appu, gal-crazy Vimal, radically bold Sangitha, reserved and studious Sharan, and do-gooder nerd Arvind aka Tyson. Chance brings them together on the very first day, and thus begins a fluctuating friendship with ups and downs, continuing for the next four years of their college lives. A feel-good movie through and through, so we know the obstacles will clear away sooner or later.

From scene one, you know who’s meant for who; it’s only a matter of time before the characters realize it. Meantime, it’s clean fun and mild twists.

Arvind’s the only one in the gang without a gal. But why? Because he’s got his heart set on a senior gal, Shravs, which his seniors are unable to digest! But even before the gang is formed, they meet their seniors for the tradition: ragging. Arjun, the senior who lays his eyes on Madhu and fixates on her, is one good-looking bad boy! Had he had not been quite the obsessive senior, Madhu may have even melted in his arms! But that’s another imaginary line altogether. By irritating her and eventually getting slapped by Siddhu, Arjun primarily serves to bring Madhu and Siddhu together. This is essentially the first turning point in the film, after the characters have been introduced and their friendship established.

Obviously the slighted senior wants revenge. He gathers a few cronies and one night, when the four junior boys are returning from Madhu’s birthday party, they strike. Siddhu, Arvind and Vimal get a sound beating. Sharan escapes because one of the seniors is Sangitha’s brother. We see that Sharan is not a friend to be trusted in one’s hour of need. The beaten junior boys decide to take up the issue with the management, but the student body leader suggests a T20 match to solve the differences. We all know who wins, so the ragging stops.

What follows? More scenarios familiar to college students – a trip out of town, the first kiss, crush on the prettiest ma’am on the block, exams, tiffs over the results, betrayal in love, betrayal in friendship and so on. How the gang members settle their differences, endure separation and then get back together is what the rest of the story is about – ending exactly on the eve of their farewell, leaving it to us to figure out the rest. It’s just like Prakashraj promised, a peek and no more.

The Performance

One character that truly makes an impact is Arvind, the ultimate friend one can meet at college. His character – the innately brilliant kid, who doesn’t need to study to top the class – is probably the best-developed in the movie. But that’s not the impressive part about him. It’s the unconditional way he loves and cares for his friends that really moves you. Another interesting aspect to his character is the way he loves and adores Shravs. His is a romance doomed from the beginning, and yet the childlike way he pursues her is beautifully brought out. Arvind may not be the hunk on the block, but he truly is the sweetest guy around.

One character that lacks depth is Sangitha. While the story focuses on her lover Sharan, it does not develop her character. We figure out that Sharan is the guy who will sell out his buddies to save himself, but no matter what anyone says, he loves and trusts his girl. But Sangitha and her reason for being the way she is, her attitude towards the gang, her feelings for Sharan… these are not dealt with enough, making her character shallow and unmemorable.

The Music

Music is by Mickey Meyer, who scored the music for the original (Happy Days) as well. He has retained a similar style of music in Inidhu Inidhu – leaning towards melody. The tracks ‘Inidhu Inidhu’ and ‘Vaazhkai Oru’ are sure faves of melody lovers. ‘Inbam Ethirilae’ is a peppy number dedicated to Michael Jackson. The stars have even tried to emulate the late Pop Icon in their dance; since it’s a tribute, we refrain from criticism!

The Technique

In terms of direction and cinematography, K.V. Guhan has done a fab job in this very honest film. Without trying to outdo himself or prove a point, he has taken a lovely story and made an entertaining movie out of it, one that will have a very personal impact on audiences. Every person is bound to react to the movie in his or her own way, relating to certain characters or scenes more – which is the biggest success of the film. Cinematography is picture perfect. The colours and lighting enhance the general cheery and youthful mood of the film.

As a producer, Prakashraj has once more brought out a quality piece of art. It may not be as touching as Mozhi or as moving as Abiyum Naanum, but it certainly has charm of its own – one that is sure to sing to your soul, bringing forth happy memories.

Review by Kaanchan B.

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