Sura – Tamil Movie Review


Star-casts: Vijay, Thamannah, Dev Gill, Vadivelu and others
Banner: Sun Pictures, Murugan Cine Arts
Production: Kalanidhi Maaran, Sangli Murugan
Direction: S.P. Rajkumar
Music: Mani Sharma

Please don’t blame us this time and we are not going to mention anything bad about this film. But we cannot just neglect the facts and come up with a pleasing review, which would be a blatant injustice to our viewers.

‘Sura’ is nothing but a mix of Vijay’s previous 3 films that has reasonable formulas. At times, you’ll see him uttering punch dialogues and blowing trumpets in your ears, and at other times, he becomes spider man by jumping and flying without gravity powers. At the least, he pleases us only with couple of songs as his dance steps are mind-boggling.

But marking our verdicts on whole, ‘Sura’ is a film that may cater for the tastes of Vijay’s Bhakthars, for whom the only notion is clap and whistle while their hero utters a punch dialogue and tries to imitate Rajnikanth and Ajith Kumar in style.

The film opens with the team of police officials rushing to the sea shores to rescue the fishermen squeezed in cyclonic flood. When, everyone is weeping on the shores for just a person missing, our Sura (Vijay) jumps out of the sea just as it happened in ‘Kuruvi’. A worst politician (Dev Gill) is involved in the smuggling acts and even kills the person, who opposes him. Now, he eyes on coastland to raise a water theme park and plans to vacate the innocuous fishermen community from there.

Sooner, his plans are thwarted when Sura stands by the side of the poor and pitiable people. Finally, it’s a cat and mouse game between the hero and baddie. Finally, our hero’s dream of building houses for the fishermen is accomplished.

Vijay comes up with the same old performance of imitating Rajnikanth and Vadivelu on many portions. His sudden change of dialogues uttering style is annoying and it’s really puzzling why he gets into such joker kind of tasks. Thamannah is annoying just as a famous statement carries – 50Ps Kodutha, 50rs ikku Nadikiraanga. She overreacts and just makes you like throwing stones on the screen. Vadivelu’s comedy tracks are the only highlight of this film. Especially, the parallel track comedy of encounters between Vadivelu and Veniradai Ramamoorthy is fantastic. Dev Gill doesn’t get much prominence just as it happened with his Telugu magnum opus ‘Magadheera’.

Director S.P. Rajkumar has come up with a flimsy story and screenplay that remains of Rajnikanth’s ‘Annamalai’, ‘Sivaji’ – where the black money through smuggling is converted into legal transaction of Rs.100Crores and is used for building houses.

The complete idea of this film is so stupid as it fails to impress the audiences. Right during the first half, you may feel like walking out of theatres and somehow for the money you’ve paid, it stops you ahead from moving.

The last 30mins has some interesting factors, but again is overshadowed by the dim-witted and weak climax.

Bottom – Line: Mudiyalla Rombha Vazlikudhu

Verdict: Yeppa Vijay! Thayavu Seidhu Thirundhu Pa…

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