Paiyaa/ Paiya – Tamil Movie Review

The director of ‘Run’, ‘Sandai Kozhi’ etc. is back with another racy action adventure, ‘Paiyaa’. Expect action-packed scenes in this movie as well.

Boy O’ Boy! The movie is an action journey no doubt! At no frame of the movie, will anyone feel bored or tired.

The Story:

paiya Paiya Movie Review

The movie starts off in Bangalore, with Karthi (Shiva) who lives with his friends who try to get him a job desperately. Karthi is a guy who is easy on life and has a ‘thennavatu’ attitude On one such occasion of a job hunt, Karthi spots Tamannah (Charulatha) while getting down the bus and falls for her instantly.

Well, we all have grown up seeing such scenes, in fact in Lingusamy’s ‘Run’ itself, when Madhavan sees Meera Jasmine, and falls for her at the bus stand, and déjà vu – the same spot- Bus stop!

Unfolding the plot:

The hero goes to the railway station to pick a friend who owns a car that Karthi and his friends drive. While waiting for his friend to arrive, Karthi sees the terribly tensed Tamannah with her uncle who mistake Karthi to be a cab driver and ask him to drop them at Chennai.

Accepting the travel, Karthi takes off in the black Mitsubishi Lancer along with his guests. When they pause for refueling, Tamannah asks Karthi to buzz off leaving her uncle behind. From here starts the real road trip of ‘Paiyaa’ with full throttle.

On their journey, they encounter people, new locations and the hero and heroine get along well. While this happens, Tamannah narrates her story and lets Karthi know that her Father is looking to marry her to someone she doesn’t like. So ‘Andhra’ villains (a dozen in number) chase Tamannah, on the instructions of their leader, a lady with a fiery voice (because we can’t really see her but just listen to her instructions on the mobile phone).

On Tamannah’s request, Karthi sets off to Mumbai, and with a fight scene on their way, Karthi reveals his connection with Mumbai. Pit stop (Interval).

And soon appears the Flashback:

On a job search in the past, Karthi comes to Mumbai and circumstances lead him to the villain.

In comes, Milind Soman as ‘Bali’ who gets a wild introduction as one of Mumbai’s powerful Don. But soon is punched a powerful blow on his stomach that he spits blood out. After all it’s the Hero who’s punching!

Here forms the plot, a Mumbai don behind Karthi and Andhra goondaas behind Tamannah, and how the lead pair comes out of their clutches is what forms the rest of the movie.

The team:

This movie is everything about the team, comprising of Mathi, the cinematographer, Anthony the editor, Yuvan Shankar Raja, the music director, Brinda Sarathy the dialogue writer, the Stunt Director Kanal Kannan, Art by Rajeevan.

Being a road movie, most of the action is in the car or rather on the road! Considering the hardships involved, the camera work is immaculate. The action scenes with cars all over, and car chases in the movie would have definitely been a toll on the director and the cinematographer. Editing the different versions of the camera, Anthony has done an incredible job. ‘Paiyaa’ definitely has got the best of Anthony out.

The car sequences on Indian Highways and the backdrops have been beautifully captured. Dialogues weaved in between are subtle and natural. Nothing too cinematic or too dramatic! Funny dialogue delivery of Karthi makes the audience laugh many a time.

Art work by Rajeevan is enduring and simply attractive. From the car seats to the sets of the song ‘Suthude Suthude’, the man has shown his tastes, given the limited scope for art in the ‘road movie’.

Karthi and Tamannah look fresh, in their attire as well as their looks. Priya Manikandan, the costume designer has seemingly done an impressive job.

What to look out for?

Director Lingusamy’s screen play starts off on a slower note but progresses steadily in to the fifth gear!

‘Paiyaa’ is an action adventure, and a movie of such a genre needs the best of action scenes. Kanal Kannan, has done a marvellous job. The actions scenes are simply amazing. Special effects in the actions scenes by Sethu receive special appreciation.

Besides this, the music! The greatest strength of the movie! Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed beautiful songs with ‘En Kadhal Solla’ receiving a loud applause. His background score as well as re-recording are excellent. The music behind the fight sequences gives the racy feel. Definitely the biggest plus-point in the movie! Apart from this, the sound engineers Guru et al, receive appreciation as well.

While the songs are pleasing to hear, the choreography makes it a pleasure to watch Karthi dance to the steps of dance masters – Raju Sundaram, Brinda and Sabina Khan.

‘Adada Mazhai’ choreographed by Raju Sundaram receives that special attention, while the pick of the lot is ‘Thuli Thuli’ choreographed by Brindha.

Lingusamy has brought out a classy entertainer. He takes you on a virtual journey from Bangalore to Mumbai. Those who love cars, fights, and of course romance, ‘Paiyaa’ is definitely an entertainer this summer. Rush to watch it in a cinema near you!

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