Mundhinam Paartheney – Tamil Movie Review

Movie: Mundhinam Paartheney
Cast: Sanjay, Ekta, Lizna, Pooja..
Director: Magizh Thirumeni

Mundhinam Paartheney is a typical love story which narrates the love of two typical upper middle-class youths in an almost realistic manner. It gives a bloom feeling. The story and the treatment of the story are fresh and refreshing amidst the cliched movies.
Sanjay is a software professional and is in madly love with a dance teacher Aarthi. It is a one-sided love affair. Aarti is very much anxious about her dancing career and dreams of going to London to establish her career. Moreover she bears some family liabilities too. But Sanjay some weay or the other say his love to her. But at first she keeps back from him and just evade from his love. But later on seeing sanjay’s sincere love Aati too start to love him.

All remains fine and well until Sanjay comes to hear something about Aarti’s personal life. He becomes very shocked and started avoiding Aarti. He even disclosed her life incident to others and made a mock of her. Insulted Aarti found it too hard to digest all this. Instead of finding out what is the fact, Sanjay’s attitude pained her. She herself started moving away from Sanjay and slowly they gets separated. Later Sanjay marries another girl who loved him deeply. But it was too late for him when he recognized the fact behind Aarti’s life and the incident. By that time Aarti was too far for him. With a tragic love failure Sanjay then lives with his tragic memories..

Director Thirumaeni has portrayed the life and living of urban upper middle class youth in a natural manner. The affair between Sanjay and Aarti and the way it takes roots and grows stronger has been depicted in a mature and convincing manner. The song sequences have been shot aesthetically.

Sanjay impress the audience with his cool handling of a not so challenging role. The tall and sexy Ekta enacts her role with confidence. Her body language and expression is very impressive. The bubbly looking Lizna is charming with her cute expressions.

The director has proved his mettle by sensitively handing the subject love. His courage to cast new faces and the realistic way he has depicted the story is commendable. The screenplay, which drags at times, is the only drawback with the movie. Taman’s music is reasonably good with some sweet melodies. In short the film is worth watching.

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