Save my husband from Nayantara: Ramlath

RamlathThe media continues to harp upon the Nayanthara-Prabhu Deva romantic link-up. Reportedly, Nayantara came to Mumbai just to watch the premiere of Wanted (Hindi) with Prabhu Deva. “No comments” was the only comment from the duo when the media converged on them.

Prabhu Deva’s wife Ramlath has opened her heart to a leading vernacular daily with a tearful message that she is already distressed by the death of her 12-year-old son Vishal due to cancer six months ago.

In her hard-hitting message, Ramalath said she would never allow her husband to marry another girl. “A husband is punished for a second marriage when his first wife is alive. I feel the second wife should be arrested when she tries to snatch a man who is already married.”

Admitting that she did pick a fight with Nayantara once over phone, Ramlath said she will give Nayantara a sound thrashing if they meet.

Expressing her anger at a leading actor who, in the garb of playing a mediator’s role, is only helping the love to blossom, Ramlath said that the said actor should put his house in order first – clearly referring to his divorce case, now in the High Court.

“If Nayantara could throw Simbu out after being on the verge of marrying him, what is the guarantee that the same fate would not befall my simpleton husband,” says this mother of three.

In a pleading note, Ramlath has requested elders to intervene to solve this unsavoury episode which has rocked Kollywood.

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