Eesa – Tamil Movie Review

EesaStar-casts: Vignesh, Lakshana, M S Bhaskar, Singam Puli, Lollu Manohar, Muthukala
Banner: JK Creations
Producer: J. Jeyakrishnan
Director: Bala Ganesha
Music Director: Haran
Editor: B.S. Vasu
Art Director: Venkatesh
Choreography: Kadhal Kandas, Balakumaran Revathi

Mark this era as a mirror image of yesteryears’ flick: almost all the releases of previous month and this weekend seem to be loosely based on those films of 80s where the storyline is so simple and carried nothing exceptional.

Eesa has nothing in specialty but picks the inspiration of Vignesh’s characterization of Vikram in Pithamaghan. But over here, he keeps howling in frustrated tones like a hungry beast.

The film opens with a stranger stabbing ruthlessly on a person and pulling his body across the fields. He handovers the knife to his wife who furthermore slaughters the man… The story shifts back to few days before where Eesa (Vignesh), a scatter-brained pudden-head who works for the salt factory in Tuticorin. He falls in love with Selvi (Lakshana) who runs away from her house after her aunt forces her to have sex with local bigwig Annachi (Rajendran). Both Eesa and Lakshana fall in love and get married. Sooner, Lakshana becomes pregnant who witnesses a brutal murder by the henchmen of Annachi. As she puts her words against them, even she is killed. Unable to accept her death, he has her dead body in his home. When police are on the hunt of his alien nature, Eesa elopes and seeks revenge on the baddies who killed his wife…

Vignesh, who merely kept getting through flimsy roles, has stepped for a bold attempt. But he reminds us off Vikram in Pithamaghan and Kamal Haasan of 16 Vayadhinilae. Why does he keep howling in times of frustration? Is it for raising the emotions of audiences? Some other thing could have been the best option. Lakshana has played her part well while M.S. Bhaskar, Singam Puli, Subbu Raj and Tuticorin Rajendran have done their best. But most of the comedy tracks are annoying.

Songs aren’t catchy while Haran gets best on background score. Cinematography and locations are somewhat appreciative.

Director Bala Ganesh should’ve yet more worked on the script with features captivating parts.

Anyways, it’s a decent attempt by the debutant and we wish him better luck next time…

Bottom – Line: Moderately done

Verdict: Average

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