Meera Jasmine prefers performance to glamour!

Meera JasmineThis should come as no surprise. When asked what is more important: glamour or performance, most heroines may not answer the question, but Meera Jasmine would surely vote for performance.

“Glamour is not a criterion for success in films. If a girl has a beautiful face, she can become a heroine and if she has a perfect physique, it would be an additional qualification. When you prove that you can perform well on screen, it would cover all other aspects,” she was quoted as saying.

Talking about today’s showing more interest in skin show and craving for size zero, Meera said, “Of course, a heroine who wants to remain in the acting profession for some time should show some interest in her physique and should do regular exercises. Though I don’t crave for massages, I too take some precautions for a charming face and use natural spices like turmeric, etc.”

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