Meiporul – Tamil Movie Review



Star-casts: Krish Bala, Anusha, Narayan, Kumar, Suren Vijayakumar, Rani Jaikumar and many others…
Banner: Dreams on Frames
Production: Natty Kumar – Krish Bala
Direction: Natty Kumar – Krish Bala
Music: Rahul

Mark our words of verdicts!!! ‘Meiporul’ isn’t a great film to watch and enjoy. But, it’s hundred times far better than the cheaply churned out films in Tamil film industry. Director Natty Kumar- Krish Bala: duo combo has come up with a good start on penning a gripping tale and decent narration. Well, for most of the Tamil audiences, they may go for a small nap right on the 30th minute of this film. While the ardent viewers expecting to watch an offbeat theme with a different tale, this is a compliment.

If you’ve a strong doubt about what ‘Meiporul’ is all about? It means nothing but ‘ A TRUE MEANING’. Well, if you’re looking out what this film is all about? We’ve an interesting review of this film.

Let’s gets on for a distinguished review based on the vistas of narration and technical aspects:


Devi (Anusha), a housewife to Neurosurgeon Sam (Krish Bala) works for a renowned Tamil Magazine in United States. Once, situations make Devi to be a savior when she saves a child from the kidnapper. Certainly, Devi is now a great talk of town as all news channels showcase her brilliant gesture. Sam is one of the leading neurosurgeons of United States who runs into a friendship with Gowtham Raja (Natty) who introduces himself as a scientist from NASA. They share good relationship until Gowtham starts predicting futuristic events around him. Bartender missing his bottle, Sam’s surgery on a child getting failed, US Governor’s son kidnap act, psychologist’s death; Gowtham Predicts everything including Sam’s death and his wife Devi being a cause of it. Will Gowtham’s premonitions turn into reality forms the crux of this film?


Our heartily thanks to filmmakers – You’ve saved us from watching horrible clichéd plotlines. There is a complete absence of unrealistic aspects. Although, the software professionals have making their debut show, they have delivered their best on performance. Doubtlessly, there are few diminishing factors like horrible lip-synchs of few characters. But, they aren’t so distracting on many occasions. Krish Bala, Gowtham and Anusha have done justice to their roles. The one enacting the role of an actor does a good job adding to the humor quotients to this thriller story.

Script, Screenplay and Direction

Again, there isn’t only one person handling all the narrative aspects. Over here, 5 individuals including filmmakers have penned the story, screenplay. Dialogues are crisp on the show. There’s a complete lack of pace in the first half and it’s quite lengthy too. However, the second half moves with bit accelerated pace… Moreover, the reasons behind the mystery revealed aren’t so convincing.

Technical Aspects

The entire film has been shot in HD-version and Tamil audiences may feel this to be quite unsetting. But the locations and the shots captured are somewhat commendable. Editing looks simple and musical score for songs are mediocre and could’ve been better.

Final Take

On the whole, ‘Meiporul’ is a film to be watched once for the bold attempts of new team.

Bottom – Line: A thriller with mediocre

Verdict: Middling throughout…

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