Naalai Namathey – Tamil Movie Review

Naalai Namathey

Naalai Namathey

Cast: Pradeep, Sarvanand, Tanusha, Manivannan, Thabnikalabarani, Rajan B Dev and Kiran
Camera: Rajarathnam
Music: Bharadwaj
Direction: Vinayan
Production: Jose Maveli

Naalai Namathey is another attempt of ace Malayalam director Vinayan in Tamil. Vinayan has taken this title from a blockbuster movie by MGR according to the current trend.

The beginning of the story seems very interesting, but soon it loses its tempo with many songs and boring twists.

Udayappa (Ashish Vidhyarthi), one of the leading industrialists of the country announces that he is going to donate Rs 1800 crores for the betterment of the poor.

He also identifies two platform dwellers as the in charge for distributing the entire money to the needy people. The two in question happen to be Mani (Manivannan) and Ramu (Pradeep), both inmates of Nellikuppam, a slum in the City.

Shanthi, a young girl in the slum under Manivannan’s care is studying in a schoo. She is targeted by a rich guy Sa Raju (Sarvanand), who is none other than the only son of a Minister. Their initial bitterness gradually culminates in a love affair.

In the meantime, Ramu and Mani of Nellikuppam are targeted for the money they hold. But with the help of Collector Priya Alexander (Karthika) they acheive their target. But the politicians and ruling Chief Minister threaten Mani and Ramu to hand over the complete money to them. On other side, the minister holds his son under House arrest to prevent him from meeting his poor lover Shanthi.

Meanwhile Ramu explains his childhood, the origins of Udayappa and how he has come to give so many crores to the poor through an interesting flashback.

Does Raju succeed in his love? Do the politicians achieve their targets? How do Mani and Ramu fulfill the dreams of Udayappa? What actually happens to Udayappa? Better you watch the film to know the answers!

The post interval session is too long, filled with crude political cat-fights. Pradeep has done his role well. Tanusha’s looks as a school girl are not credible, but in the dream songs she is bearable.

It is completely a hopeless role for Sarvanand. Kiran has come back to screens after a long hiatus as a slum prostitute. Ashish Vidhyarthi, Rajan P Dev, Manivannan and Thanigalabarani play their role professionally.

Bharadwaj’s musical score is just ok.

Verdict: Average

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