Aadatha Attamellam – Tamil Movie Review

Aadatha Attamellam

Aadatha Attamellam

Star-casts: Ravi Ganesh, Bharathi, Jenny Jasmine, Srinath, Mansoor Ali Khan, T P Gajendran and Ceaser Manohar and Others.
Production: Hit and Get Production
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction :Alazgar
Cinematography: Mahi Natesh
Music: A R Rahana

‘Story of affection between brother and sister’ – This isn’t something off the wall when it comes to Kollywood. There have been many flicks based on this motif and of course, film based on drug addicts is merely something we could’ve seen many times on Tamil Screens….

Jenny Jasmine is an orphan who her live only to get her younger brother Ravi Ganesh peaking to greater heights in his life. Well, their alienation comes through Jenny’s marriage with Rishi when both fall in love. When Jenny requests her in-laws about accommodating Ravi in their place after marriage, they refuse to do so. With no options left, Ravi gets his place in college hostel when he is dragged into the habit of consuming narcotic drugs. A fantastic guy with fine knowledge has his life spoiled and he looses his focus on his life, studies and relations.

Jenny is now on her tracks of setting things right with the help of Bharathi, who earnestly loves Ravi…

Will they make it turning Ravi’s pathetic situation into good lights or not forms crux of the story

Azhagar has no traces of his mentor Selvaraghavan who is far-famed for portraying sex and violence effectively. Well, we aren’t criticizing the auteur but why not his protégé able to make sense with his narration or any of the technical aspects.

Ravi Ganesh of Gummalam fame has tried spelling his best and excels on few parts. Bharathi doesn’t come up with a good show and looses out her reputation that she won with ‘Ammuvaagiya Naan’. Jenny Jasmine is perfect on her part doing justice to her role…. Mansoor Ali Khan is commendable while comedy tracks by Scissor Manohar and Srinath doesn’t work.

It’s middling piece of work by Mathi Nagesh’s cinematography and musical score by A.R. Rehana…

On the whole, Director Azhagar has penned the script in confused moods about mixing a serious theme with commercial elements.

Bottom – Line: Seriously avoidable

Verdict: Not Worth Watching

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