Laadam – Movie Review

“Laadam” (horse-shoe) is a mindless gangster flick with an oft-repeated storyline and a cast dominated by artistes from Andhra Pradesh who worsen the proceedings with awful performances leaving one with the feeling of having watched a badly dubbed version of a B-Grade Telugu movie.



The bad blood between gangsters Paavadai (Kota) and Vembuli (Jaya Prakash) takes a turn for the worse when the latter bumps off the male offspring of the former.

A computer geek Kunjithapatham (Aravindh) is hired to kill Vembuli within 16 days.

Angel (Charmee) helps the hero complete his rather predictable task.

Direction, performances, music and the cinematography – the vital ingredients of a movie – are as useful to this one as a hole in a bucket.

Director Solomon possessing a track record of interesting fare like “Kokki and Lee” has obviously run out of ideas.

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