Dhanush emulates Kamal in Padikkathavan

Relax! We are not talking about Dhanush copying the acting style of Kamal Haasan! We are talking about a scene where he does the daredevilry that Kamal did about two decades ago! In one scene, Dhanush appears as “Appu”, the vertically-challenged but lovable character from the yesteryear Kamal Haasan’s hit film Apoorva Sagotharargal.



Insiders say that Dhanush folded his legs, bound them by cords and “knelt into a pair of shoes” to get the dwarf look – just like his senior Kamal Haasan did in many scenes of Apoorva Sagotharargal!

Why did Dhanush, who does not believe in donning different types of looks, disguises and get-ups in his films, appear like a dwarf in this film? As a challenge? For novelty? Film pundits view this move as bowing to peer pressure, since it has become a Kollywood norm for a hero to don multiple outfits, at least in songs. But they also appreciate that Dhanush chose one of the toughest get-ups and even succeeded in getting it right.

Not just “Appu”, in Padikkathavan, Dhanush dons a few other get-ups too. But you will have to watch the movie to know what they are!

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