Thennavattu – Movie Review

Star-casts: Jeeva, Poonam Bajwa, Ganja Karuppu, Sai Kumar, Ravi Khale, Saranya, Revathi, Mano Bala and many others
Banner: Sun Pictures, ELK Productions
Story, Screenplay and Direction: V.V. Kathir
Cinematography: Vetri
Music Director: Sri Kanth Deva



Obviously, making such kind of films would be the worst curse inherited in Tamil film industry. Well, an amendment should be made in our film industry that directors should get approval from board of sampled film critics before making their film or at least the producers must follow it… Watching ‘Thennavattu’ is hells breakings lose out of the roofs and it’s the worst film ever made than ‘Kuruvi’. Why directors are still drenched with simple-witted thoughts of hero bullying the baddies and running around bush with his ladylove. Moreover, it’s the exact polished work of Director Perarasu’s ‘Tiruppachi’.

At this era of cyber space and changing phase of Indian Cinema, one can’t keep bluffing up with a silly theme that’s no more a centre of attraction for any centres of audiences. It’s a billion dollar question why Jeeva being such a great experimental actors wanted to accept this offer. Actually, he might have had plans about shifting his paradigms from offbeat to commercial movies. But, there are many lovable scripts that would welcome him and it’s a great blunder on Jeeva’s part.

Perhaps, it’s the second consecutive flop show of Sun Pictures as it has landed up churning out an annoying flick as ‘Kadhalil Vizhundhen’.

The film opens with a Kooavagam Festival where the entire scenario seems to be bit distressed and quite evoking your senses. It would ideate us that director has got something nice to deliver and it’s a great disappointment once the flashback begins. Kottai (Jeeva) seeking is the manufacturer of Aruvals (sickles) in a village town and his only happiness if his lovable mother (Saranya Ponvannan)… Seeking fortune, both Kottai and his dim-witted friend Vellaiyan (Ganja Karuppu) make their way to Chennai. Without any guesses about his identity, they land up at the premises of Kailasam (Ravi Khale) is a hooligan killing out people as in video games. Unknowingly, Kottai manufactures the sickles getting it for Kailasam the purpose he uses for.

Simultaneously, it’s love at first sight for Kottai as he falls for a beauteous innocent missy Gayathri (Poonam Bajwa), a violin teacher. On the pars, Kailasam’s son Santhosh a rapist by profession falls for Gayathri and tries seducing her. Eventually, a big fight breaks out between Santhosh and Kailasam, where he dies accidentally…. Now, it’s the turn of Kailasam setting out to seek revenge on Kottai and what’s the end? You know it….

Worst underrated film that lets you yawn, left and right and centre all throughout the show. If you plan to watch the film just for air conditioned services, you can’t afford for a comfortable sleep as hero and villain yelling with punch dialogues and Sri Kanth Deva tortures you with high-decibels of noisy sound that’ll let your eardrums spoiled…

Even a drunkard or five-sensed creature would love watching this film as it’s a flimsy script with annoying sluggish screenplay.

Jeeva has however tried making his best efforts of establishing himself as a best actor on commercial vistas too and doesn’t accomplish it. Poonam Bajwa’s luck was all about making her debut with Sevval. Though, the film wasn’t a great one, she had enough scope to perform and this one completely goes in contrast.

Please don’t ask us about rest of the star-casts. Other than Saranya, everyone are best to be ennobled as ‘Torturers’…

None of the songs really sound good and for better we have an advice for directors roping in Sri Kanth Deva… If you are gearing up for a low or medium budget flick, kindly opt for some other fresh musicians who are really talented. In case of getting Sri Kanth Deva, you can better avoid songs itself in the film.

Vetri’s cinematography is the only convincing factor in the film and he has great time in Kollywood.

On the whole, Thennavattu is a film that shouldn’t have been made at all… Don’t know when producers will actually get enlightened of offering good opportunities for filmmakers who have best scripts in hand…

Our kind advice for the audiences is better not to watch this film…

Bottom – Line: Curse to Tamil Film Industry

Verdict: Worst than the worst of all…

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