Sathyaraj in Sangamithra: From 25 to 65

After Suriya in Vaaranam Aayiram, now it is the turn of veteran actor Sathyaraj to portray the life of a man from ages 25 to 65. Sathyaraj will do this for Sangamithra, which will chronicle the life of a man from age 25 to 65, a man who betrays the woman he loves, but after realizing the pain he has inflicted on her, undergoes a change of heart and dedicates his life for her.



There is no doubt this evergreen Kollywood hero will pull it off with ease as he has done in Periyar. Speaking of his “continuous youth”, Satyaraj, in one of his TV interviews, said that once when he was filming in a village, many villagers who did not see an iota of age-related changes in him, so they decided that “He has to be Sibiraj”!!! (Sibiraj is Sathyaraj’s son who has acted in films like Lee, Kovai Brothers, etc.) Of course, the wig the actor wore for the shot helped conceal his receding hairline; but if he shaves his head totally, he would easily pass off as a man in his early thirties!

But the actor is not just relying on wigs and makeup to play a 25-year-old in Sangamithra. Though he is already blessed with the genetics and good habits that help him retain the physical characteristics of a youth, he is also undergoing vigorous physical training and dieting to be rid of the last bit of cellulite in his body!

Sathyaraj said, “I know exactly how the youngsters of 70s (the first half of the film is set in the 70s) behaved and what their style was. So, I will be able portray their style and behaviour convincingly. But it all lies in the physique, which I am working on right now.” Soon, we will see an unbelievably trimmer and younger Sathyaraj on the silver screen.

And with his distinctive acting style filled with his idiosyncrasies – ‘thagadu thagadu’ in Kakkisattai for instance – he is sure to add some new touch to his role and make it more interesting. We have already seen him excel in the role of an old man in Onbathu Roobai Nottu.

So, Sangamithra will be a double bonanza with Sathyaraj excelling in two different age zones.

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