Namitha grounded in the Andamans

We know that Jaganmohini, the yesteryear Vittalacharya classic, is being remade by H. Murali and N.K. Vishwanathan with Namitha, Nila, and Raja in the leading roles.



At present, the film crew is shooting scenes in the archipelago of Andaman. The conditions here are highly unstable; weather changes between pleasant and less pleasant conditions frequently and the water level rises and falls due to the tides, which is disconcerting for one not used to these changes! But the filming continued with full vigour and complete dedication from the film crew until a sudden mishap occurred.

Recently, the continuous filming was forced to come to a standstill for about four hours! Why? The crew was working on a scene where lead actors Namitha and Raja fight pirates in a ship. Unfortunately, the highly unstable water level went down just after the shooting began, the floating ship settled in the sand, and the actors found themselves grounded! After four frustrating hours, the crew was able to get in touch with the local helpers who arrived in motor boats and rescued the crew out of this sticky situation.

All this has not daunted this film crew as they are preparing to film the remaining portion of the scene!

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