Happy Birthday Vivek

About a couple of decades ago, everybody who sat through the performer’s creations predicted that the frail-looking youngster’s next stop from American College, Madurai would be the fame-infested tinseldom.

Tamil Comedy Actor Vivek

Tamil Comedy Actor Vivek

Such was the intensity and impact of Vivekanandan a.k.a Vivek’s skits, plays and theatre productions.

In 1987, director K.Balachander identified his talent for light roles and launched Vivek through his movie Manadhil urudhi Vendum. His assessment worked! The pair of innocent eyes that sparkled and emoted from behind the spectacles, the thin frame as well as the powerful voice that delivered the punch dialogues did not fail to make a mark in the audiences’ minds. Following the striking debut, Vivek continued to play the comic strips in a string of movies. Much like everything else in the world of movies, comedy too had a formula. The star comedian appeared as a close ally to the hero or the heroine. He had a considerably lengthy role so that his humour patched up the romance between the lead pair, settled the vendetta between the villain and hero and made up for all the melodrama in the main film. Slowly, the chief comedian’s role extended to include a band of junior comedians too. Cell Murugan is one of Vivek’s closest associates on the big screen. Between them, there is quite a bit of timing and understanding and comic chemistry.

After his formative years got over, Vivek realised the ambit of his role and judged the impact he could make on the audiences; he then began to include some thought-provoking ideas in his script. He casually and wittily addressed many serious and frontline issues such as unemployment, bribery, superstitions etc., in his part and has done a bit of good to the society by creating awareness.

Writer Prasanna Kumar pens the script for his parts for all his movies. Most of the references for his dialogues are drawn from everyday situations and happenings. Vivek’s comedy in films like Kushi, Minnale, Anniyan, Sivaji, Kireedam are a big hit among audiences.

Vivek’s style is different from all his counterparts. The menu from which he prepares his wisecracks is broad; it includes mimicking popular and yesteryear stars and stalwarts and replaying their punch dialogues with a comic undercurrent. Yet the authenticity and merit in his performance make everybody recognize his talent and his extra perception to look into things in addition to chortling at the humour.

Solli Adippaen will be his debut as hero. The film portrays Vivek in a completely different light and is the first test for the skilled performer with something other than comedy. Buzz has it that he is also trying to work in a script by director Simbudevan. He will be seen as a woman in Guru En Aalu. Also, aside from regular mainstream roles, Vivek’s ambition is to feature in a silent comedy.

This five-time Filmfare award winner is blessed with a happy family comprising his wife and three daughters. Though God-fearing and pious he is against the Godmen and all hocus-pocus that hover around them. Kalaivanar N.S.Krishnan is Vivek’s inspiration and role-model. Like him, let us wish this contemporary Chinna Kalaivanar to scale great heights in his film career.

Happy Birthday Vivek!

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