Varanam Aayiram Review by Mythily Ramachandran

This film by director Gautham Menon, is a tribute to his father who passed away last year. The story, semi-autobiographical, talks about a son’s love and admiration for his father.

Surya (Surya) the son, goes down memory lane when he hears about his father’s demise, while on a rescue mission in his role as a major. The story unfolds from the time, his father Krishnan (Surya) and mother Malini (Simran) met in college and fell love. And from his childhood days it moves on to his days in college and adulthood.

The audience watches as the bond between the father-son duo grows. When Surya falls in love with Meghana (Sameera), he follows her to the US, (where she is pursuing her masters) with the blessings of his parents. Tragedy strikes and he loses her in an accident. Devastated, Surya returns home and soon finds solace in drugs. Weaning him out of this vice, are his parents, especially his father.

He joins the army, following an incident where he rescues a little boy from his kidnappers. It is a saga of a middle class home, laced with emotion and simple incidents taken from life. The father not a hero, yet the inspiration for the son. However, a tad too long, interrupted by too many songs, unwarranted at some places How many of us would in real life, sing a dapaam koothu in the midst of tragedy?

But the film is watchable, the main draw being Surya on whom the film rests. The star excels in both roles, as the father and the son. The make up and the restrained acting in the senior role is a sharp contrast to his spontaneous self as the son.

Some scenes tug at your heart strings, especially the one where Surya is angry with his father when he takes away his drugs. Surya portrays the helplessness in the situation well and leaves you wiping your tears. But life is all about moving on, just as his father believed.

Sameera is a pretty picture. Simran as the mother is a natural. Divya Spandana, as Priya, his sister’s friend and the girl next door performs well. Harris Jayraj’s numbers are peppy. Visuals are good. More editing could have been done though. Do watch it if you love Surya.

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