Arun Vijay arrested by Thai army

No! It was not for a film scene! It happened for real! It happened when Arun Vijay reached Ko Man Islands off Pattaya City (Thailand) for a photo shoot.

Actor Arun Vijay

Actor Arun Vijay

Arun Vijay is acting in Malai Malai, which is produced by his father-in-law Dr. N.S. Mohan and Hemanth Kumar. Directed by A. Venkatesh, king of commercial films, and stars Pooja, Prabhu, Vadivelu and Prakashraj, it is considered one of the most promising films for the upcoming year.

For this film’s photo sessions, the crew had decided on London, Malaysia and Pattaya City, Thailand. For the first photo session, the film crew flew to Pattaya City. But when they heard about the scenic beauty of Ko Man Islands, which are a few kilometres away from Pattaya, they decided to hold their photo session there.

So a party comprising Arun Vijay, cinematographers Venkatesh and Karthik, Dr. N.S. Mohan and Hemanth Kumar set off for the islands. Once they landed there, they were arrested by the Thai army who mistook them for antisocial elements.

Even upon the crew’s explanation that they were professional actors and were looking for exotic locations for filming, they were detained for about 30 minutes until the location manager and line producers came to their rescue in another boat! Upon their explanation in fluent Thai, the army personnel explained that these islands are under their control, especially the area selected for their photo shoot, and that they cannot hold their filming there.

So, Arun Vijay and the party had to return to Pattaya. Phew!

Well, this is the most common problem that film crews face overseas. But thanks to their undaunted spirit, we get to see beautiful and exotic locations that we would miss even if we tour them – for these artists pick the most inaccessible, unmanned and unseen locations just to thrill their audiences! And they undergo so much tribulation for all this!

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