Happy Birthday Dr. Kamal Haasan!

Ability breeds excellence. In veteran actor Kamal Haasan’s case, it has also lent him a warm affability. In addition to being the most celebrated actor across India, Kamal is also very popular and the most-liked representative of Indian cinema across the world.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

Looking back at Kamal’s remarkable entry into cinema, the whole trajectory appears to be destined. The fondest sibling in a large household who was particularly close to his mother Rajalakshmi, Kamal’s innate ability to sing and dance sparkled even at his early age. Banking on those natural gifts, his affectionate mom put him through music and dance classes and compensated for his lack of interest in studies. An evident maverick in a family of lawyers, the foresighted lady thought that this wisdom would at least help her young son to find a career other than law. Well, her judgement sure paid off well! In his intimate references, Kamal reveals his mother’s confidence in him. His appearance in Avvai Shanmughi was closely modelled to resemble his visionary mother and it was indeed Kamal’s way of showing his debt of gratitude to his mentor.

His career graph began to soar the moment he stepped into the glitzy and glamorous world of cinema through Kalathur Kannamma. Earlier known as the ‘Kadhal Mannan’, the diligent performer worked hard to break the mould of the said image and title. Several milestones took him to ever-greater heights in his career. However, along with the remarkable highs, there have also been significant lows all through his career. But as a person with a steel will and unshakeable optimism, Kamal absorbed the valuable lessons imparted, took the experiences in his powerful strides and simply moved on. According to him, cinema is not just his profession; it is also his leisure pursuit as well as his ubiquitous passion.

Indeed his passion took him places; from an actor, Kamal graduated to become a producer, a scenarist and a director. Today, he is the mover and shaker behind Rajalakshmi Movies. His original themes are born of his studious research, exchanges and intense reading. His collaborations with other directors and writers prove to be a fitting extension of his own creative thoughts and pursuits. Kamal is known to differ and to defy every single opinion in the process of filmmaking, and then come out with nothing but the best and most innovative. Films like Hey Raam, Aalavandhan and Dasavathaaram bear a fitting testimony to his urge for diversity and are trend-setters in their own right.

Performance is the touchstone of his success and achievement, the performance that has fetched him as immense a title as ‘Ulaga Nayakan’.

Shruthi Haasan, the gifted daughter of this remarkable performer, has just begun her career. As multi-talented as her father, Shruthi is good at singing and leads her own rock band while also debuting in a Bollywood film shortly. The proud father basked in his daughter’s fame and glory when she performed live in a show in Mumbai last year. A bear hug and a peck on his beloved daughter’s cheek were his underplayed gestures to display all the ecstasy and pride bubbling inside the achiever.

Even when GenNext is on a roll, this ardent performer is progressing on a parallel track, on par with all the other debutantes, including his daughter. His Marmayogi is fast progressing and will be ready in a while to amuse and astonish audiences.

What does his sun sign predict him to be? “A determined Scorpio can be rather stubborn and resistant to imposed changes” goes the forecast. Well, undoubtedly, the great man is up and above all the predictions and guesses. Kamal’s achievements have come from his character rather than his name and have currently raised him to the greatest levels of achievement. He is the dynamic image and face of today’s and tomorrow’s cinema, the insignia of distinction and innovation.

Happy Birthday Kamal!

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