Ajith Kumar is a great philosopher now

Can’t zero down the exact factor what made actor Ajith Kumar turn into a great philosopher? He is so matured in terms of his activities and indeed his approach that something is seen so different in him.

Actor Ajith Kumar

Actor Ajith Kumar

Recently, in an interview with a weekly magazine, Ajith Kumar had said,” I have learned many things over my experiences in these years of my career. Usually, from the age groups of 20-40, we all believe we are the cause for great success and would be bit arrogant in our approach. Probably for the next 20 years, from 40-60 we start believing that it was God who fetched as success and not our self.

Success and failures have turned to be so gentle for me. When I am hit by failure, I feel that the scenario would change and I put my hard efforts to fetch it. When success comes, I would think this isn’t something permanent and would look forward in churning out more best performance in me”.

Wow! This is nice to hear from our actor and it would be nice if everyone follows the same lines in their lives.

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