Pandaya Kozhi – Tamil Movie Review

Star-casts: Naren, Pooja, Geetha, Lal, Haneefa, Bose Venkat and many others
Production: J.P. Kumar
Story, screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: M.A. Venu
Music: Alex Paul

Pandaya Kozhi

Pandaya Kozhi

For Naren Fans, who had yearned to watch his performance after ‘Anjathey’, here comes a partial delight…Why it said so? Fine! This is not a live Tamil movie, but a dubbed version of Malayalam movie. ‘Pandaya Kozhi’ as the title goes, it’s a film about an youngster set on rages seeking revenge….

What could be the revenge and why should he do so? It’s a clichéd plotline of protagonist’s father murdered by villain and son seeking vengeance out.

The film opens with Naren shoring on Thirumangalam, where his father (Lal) had bought a house for them. Naren is happy living there in the house along with his mother (Geetha) and his sister. Their peaceful lives get shattered when rowdy’s (Raamy Reddy) henchmen paste his birthday greetings poster on the compound walls of Naren’s house.

When Naren asks them not to so, they turn their anger on him and in turn he shows his fists of anger. Things get complicated when Naren’s mother Geetha reveals the truth that Ramy Reddy is none other than the scoundrel who killed his father… Finally, Naren bumps off the villain and that’s it.

Director Venu doesn’t let the story get scattered with sub-genres of commercial elements. It’s full and full of Hero-Villain clash and there are bit of comedic elements and romance with sentiments and emotions.

Sequence where Naren gets Haneefa drenched with fears saying that the house is haunted and when Pooja frightens him, it’s a grand fiesta of humor, fun and frolic. Similarly, when Pooja mixes Soap powder instead of salt in Biriyani and offers to the exorcist it’s again a humor but of mediocre.

In first few minutes of the first half, Naren keeps silent spelling moderate efforts while when the clash between hero and villain starts, he is there on his best.

Pooja as a cute bubby girl steals the show, but on certain extent exposes her amateurish performance.

Director Venu seems to have showcased his blatant on the story revolving around Geetha and the tortures rendered by her brother and his wife is something ridiculous.

Cinematography is just chilling to your eyes and Alex Paul’s musical score is good on background.

On the whole, Pandaya Kozhi is something good in its presentation. But the same old story that one could have seen it zillion of times letdowns the interests. Though made at the backdrops of Southern Tamil Nadu, the film is made typically with Mollywood style and that’s a small drawback…

Bottom – Line: Naren’s show

Verdict: Average

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