Netru Intru Naalai – Tamil Movie Review

“Nettru Indru Naalai” is a story happening in 72 hours in a youth’s life. Director Lakshmikanth has made the flick aimed at people who enjoy action. It is dialogue writer Prasanna Kumar who should share the credit with the director for making it enjoyable.

Netru Intru Naalai

Netru Intru Naalai

Ravi Krishna, who makes his appearance after a brief break, has improved his acting and can hope for a promising career ahead.

Vettri (Ravi Krishna) comes to Chennai to eke out his livelihood after love failure. In Chennai, he fails to land a job. Remaining jobless is frustrating for him. Getting dejected, he decides to commit suicide. As he is about to fling himself in front of a train he finds a mobile phone ringing and a purse on the track nearby. He picks up the mobile phone and answers the call which changes his life in a dramatic way. The caller addresses him as Kishore and asks him to come and collect the balance money due to him. Posing as Kishore, Vettri collects the money and becomes rich overnight. Swapna (Akshara) is a daughter of a millionaire whom original Kishore had rescued. Vettri gets a call on Kishore’s mobile phone from Swapna to pick her up at the airport. This brings Vettri and Swapna together. When it all seems well, a don, Poorna (Ajay), hounds Vettri assuming he is Kishore who has run away with his money. This sets off a real cat and mouse game. Dharma Anna (Nasser), a cunning money lender, who has a nexus with Poorna, enters the scene. The rowdies and those whom Vettri cheated are out to get at him . With his back to the wall, how Vettri trumps is the rest of the story.

Don’t think this is a hackneyed story of love, love failure, struggle and happy ending. A few minutes into the film, an interesting drama unfolds with Ravi holding wades of currency notes in his hands. He is morphed into a ‘coffee shop’ smart guy. He is seen in discotheques and rave parties. The proceedings take the wings when he uses Karunas to cheat Nasser of Rs 5 lakh by mortgaging the AVM Studio property with forged documents and tries to fly away to America.

The role is cut out for Ravi and he has given a mature performance. His comic interludes with Karunas are a laugh riot. Karunas himself brings the house down in some scenes.

Tamannah plays a guest role with shades of grey. She appears briefly. Akshara is bubbly and does her glamorous role with ease. A steamy number featuring her in a skimpy dress with Ravi is one for the youth.

Nasser is at his usual best. His portrayal of an avaricious and scheming money lender falling prey to clever Ravi is realistic. The villain character played by fresher Ajay is well nuanced.

It is one plot with two climaxes – one when Ravi as Kishore is fatally hit by a lorry and the other is when he as Vettri escapes from the rowdies with his ladylove.

It’s an enjoyable fare.


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