Kathi Kappal – Movie Review

“Katthi Kappal” needs to be taken note of because it is directed by Dinesh Selvaraj, son of reputed screenplay writer Selvaraj. This is the first film by Dinesh and he seems to lack the touch of his father who wrote screenplays for “Alaipayude” and many other blockbusters.

Kathi Kappal

Kathi Kappal

Set in 1988, the film under review is apparently inspired by notorious forest brigand Veerappan. But it is not a straight and simple narration. Kidnap for ransom, horror, duplicity, suspense and revenge are all crammed into the story as sub-plots making it a bundle of confusion.

A sandalwood smuggler named Veeraiyyan abducts a former minister and holds him captive in the forest demanding a ransom of Rs 3 crore. He gets the money demanded. Pat comes news that the smuggler and a prominent doctor Pari Vallal (Prem) who accompanied him to the forest hideout were shot dead.

Twenty years later, a youth, Jose Prakash (Anoop Kumar), comes and claims he is Dr. Pari Vallal in his previous birth. The doctor’s wife, Sara (Meera Vasudevan) is stunned and could not believe it. Suspecting that Jose is playing a drama to take the Rs 3 crore ransom money the smuggler had hidden in the forest before being shot, a police team headed by Chandrabose (music director Chandrabose) shadow him.

Eventually, it becomes evident that Chandrabose is the villain whose design is to unearth the hidden money and keep it for him. The film ends with Meera avenging the killing of her husband by shooting Chandrabose and his team.

The film which begins on an unenthusiastic note picks up steam when Jose (Anoop Kumar) with bleeding injuries appears and proclaims that he is the dead doctor Pari Vallal (Prem).

Though a new comer, Anoop does a good job. His expressions and body language are in sync with the character. Being a trained dancer he gives a realistic performance in dance sequences.

Poornitha adds to the suspense element by playing the wife of Jose (Anoop). Meera Vasudevan as the wife of Dr. Pari Vallal (Prem) and Chandrabose as the villain in police uniform are impressive.

What sustains interest in the film are the scintillating background score by Sri Sai and Abdul Kalam’s splendorous celluloid visuals of Kodaikanal.


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