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KURUVI is an action based film which was much hyped by the fans of Vijay and Trisha before its release. But the long wait does not yield better results as the story is a little bit dragging in the second half. But Dharani still manages to bring in some interest in the film in the climax. This is a sure to watch film for the die hard fans of Vijay. But to the other movie buffers it adds on as just an average movie in this summer. But Vijay’s GILLI is mirrored a little bit in this movie and the action and the scenes in the film depict some scenes in GILLI.
Vetrivel (Vijay) alias KURUVI is a happy young dude. He is a cool guy and takes on life as it comes. He never dreams about his future and so accepts it as it is. Vetrivel lives on the banks of Cooum, which is near to a metro rail service. The filming of the banks of Cooum is done very well. Vetrivel lives in an old house along with his mother and her two sisters. The further narration explains that the three women are wives of Vetrivel’s father. His father’s character is played as Singamthu (Manivannan) who works as a collie in a mine in Cuddapah district. One unfortunate day Singamuthu disappears mysteriously from the work place.

Suddenly all the hell breaks on Vetrivel as one of the credits who gave some loan to his father warns to occupy the house of Vetrivel does not clear the debt. So due to the financial crisis in the house Vetrivel is forced to board to Malaysia as a Kuruvi. Vetrivel soon succeeds in recovering some money from the villain Kocha (Suman) who was in debt to the hero’s father. Kocha betrayed Vetrivel‘s father for recovering a diamond from the mine and so Vetrivel succeeds in fetching back the debt money from Kocha.

But Kuruvi in an attempt to recover the money steals a precious diamond from Kocha. Meanwhile, Kocha’s sister Devi (Trisha) falls in love with Kuruvi and then elopes with him to Chennai to avoid a marriage with one of her brother’s followers. The rest of the film runs behind how Kuruvi goes to Cuddapah and happens to discover the camp of slaves run by the villains at the mine. Kuruvi metamorphosed into an eagle and then destroys the entire evil kingdom of Kocha and his associates and finally settles with his beloved Devi. Few traces of Telugu movie Bangaru directed by Dharani and stunt scenes imitated from Mahesh Babu Starrer Nandu are easily blatant.

Actors Performance in Kaakka .. chi.. Kuruvi:
– Vijay as Kuruvi has done a superb job and his impeccable acting talent is a sure highlight in this movie. The action sequences and the dialogue delivery look very much apt to the Actor. His dancing talents are well exposed in this movie.

– Trisha adds the glam quotient to the film. Her costumes and her sexy beauty is like a soothing breeze in the mid of action packed sequences.

– Suman once again has made a mark in the kollywood with this movie. His villainy talent was well exposed in his previous movie Sivaji which featured Superstar as the hero. Now continuing the same kind of rating Suman has excelled as a true villain.

– Music in this film is above average and melodious. Vidyasagar has lived up to the expectations. The director Dharani must improve a lot in some departments. The story is unnecessarily dragged at the end in order to highlight the villain. But the climax of the movie is well carved.

Review Result:
On the whole this movie will surely run for 50 days mark. But more than that is only possible if Vijay’s fans take up an oath in making the film a blockbuster. Kuruvi is a movie that can be watched for those who love lots of stunts without a gripping story and screenplay. A treat for diehard fan of Vijay and nothing special from Dharani who raised our expectations and now dashing it all. If possible REFUND your tickets as it NOT worth watching for many.

Tips to Red Giant Movie Banner:
Hello Udayanithi Stalin avargale, There are lots of good directors in Kollywood. Balaji Sakthivel, Myskin, Priya, Jananathan, vertrimaran, Vishnuvardhan, bala, ameer and many. With the of budget kuruvi movie, you can atleast direct 3 nice movies and can help kollywood get to the next level. Please don’t torture tamil audience. Empa.. oru nalla tamizh peru sollunga … Red Giant… Enna Kodumai Saravana ithu.

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