Sathyam – Tamil Movie Review

Star-casts: Vishal, Nayanthara, Upendra, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ravi Kale, Prabhu Nepal, Sudha Chandran and many others.
Banner: GK Film Corporation
Production: Vikram Krishna
Story, Screenplay and direction: A.Rajashekar
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: R.D.Rajasekar
Editing: Antony

Satyam has been raising our expectations from a very long time and today you have the film hitting the screens all over the world. Well, we are delighted in bringing you the first exclusive review about the film with a clear picture of analysis. Commencing his directorial venture with an action-thriller, A.Rajashekar has roped in a theme that is so happening in today’s society. For as the story, it’s the same old police story that leading actors like Vijayakanth, Arjun, Kamal Haasan, Surya, Vikram and many others who have performed the role of cops who are there to strike down the baddies and cleansing the society.

Being an honest police officer, all throughout his career, Satyam (Vishal) is a person who doesn’t like killing down the rowdies under encounter orders. Valid reason lying beneath is that he believes in the fact that politicians treat gangsters as their henchmen in times when they need and bump them off when of no use. Avoiding encounters would perhaps get the culprits in the politics into the spotlight. The story moves on these lines for the first half accompanied by fun and frolic on the parallel lines where, Deiva (Nayanthara), a journalist residing in the apartments of Vishal goes dead against him. Of course, the children over there in apartments are opponents to Deiva and them Vishal as his gang leader. On the emotional lines, a deep affection is revealed between mother-son relationship and Sudha Chandran as Vishal’s mother does a beautiful job.

Things get screwed up when law minister Kondal Dasan (Kota Srinivasa Rao) hires his henchman Dilli (Ravi Kalle) to kill the other cabinet ministers since they are his greatest hurdles of becoming the next chief minister. But the mystery begins with the entry of Manickam (Upendra) who bumps off the cabinet ministers that Kondal actually wanted to kill. With Dilli, Kondal and his right hand Acharya (Prabhu Nepal) completely perplexed about the mysterious man, Vishal standing on the shoes a cop hunts for the assassin and traps him at a point only to find out the shocking truth. What is the truth all about and has both of the met earlier forms crux of the story?

Not breaking the formulas of clichés, Vishal follows the same trend of getting hero-worships, fast-beat folk songs, and unsuitable comedy tracks. However, this magical formula works well with the frontbenchers and Vishal fans. On the other hand, Nayanthara grabs the attention with her sultry looks, but she has nothing to do with the film. However, it’s Upendra who steals the show his stunning performance and the moment he appears on the screens, there is big hand of applause and continues throughout…

Kotta Srinivasa Rao, Prabhu Nepal and Ravi Kalle do justice to their roles.

R.D.Rajeshekar’s cinematography and Antony’s editing are completely disappointing but Thota Tharani lives up to the expectations with his spellbinding art direction for the songs. Harris Jayaraj on background score does sound good while couple of melodies is tuned well. Stun Shiva’s action choreography especially in the climax sequences are the stealing highlights in the film.

As a whole, Satyam is a commercial movie that can be watched once and you don’t get more than you expect. A typical Vishal film and it would be very nice if Director A.Rajashekar had avoided some of the noticeable flaws.

Getting on with plus and minus about the film, Upendra’s performance, Vishal’s typical looks of a cop, Thota Tharani’s set decoration. Well, on the negative traits, its about director beating the bush with same old story, Nayanthara’s character lacking finesse and Cinematography by R.D.Rajashekar and Editing by Antony.

Bottom – Line: Not exceeding your expectations

Verdict: On the thin line between good and worst

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