Iyakkam Tamil Movie Review

The film abounds in situations which are tension-ridden. It is a virtual battlefield where the protagonist locks horns with none other than a person who has brought him up. The hero gives up his all for a revolutionary movement. This is Director Sanjai Ram’s second movie after the action-packed “Veeramum Eeramum” which brought him into the limelight. He has written the story, screenplay and dialogue himself for “Iyakkam” which is a mix of action and comedy.

Sudhakar Vasanth going by the name of Andavar, a villain masquerading as one involved in humanitarian activities, runs an orphanage and uses it for his selfish interests thereby making people suffer at his hands. His main target is pregnant women in his ‘ashram’. A pervert, he “doctors” the day and time of delivery of each baby to match his manufactured horoscope favorable to him. using the caesarian procedure in the belief that bringing up such babies in his home would prolong his life.

One such caesarian baby is Rishikumar who grows up in the ‘ashram’ and becomes a district collector. When he comes to know that his predecessor was killed by Sudhakar Vasanth, he gets the police arrest him. In retaliation, the villain sets fire to Rishikumar’s house and his family members perish.

To wreak vengeance on the villain, Rishikumar quits his post as collector and joins Sanjai Ram’s militant organization which fights for the cause of marginalized communities. Members of this outfit operating from jungles bump off the villain’s henchmen. They finally plan to eliminate the villain. Will the plan succeed? The story is narrated with techniques that hold audience interest till the end.

The film opens with a revolutionary rhetoric that “even if the Iyakkam is tombed it would re-emerge and flower again”. The proceedings are warmed up with the collector (Rishikumar), shooting three persons. One of them is the police commissioner who comes to him with a marriage proposal and another is an advocate who demands fees in lakhs of rupees.

The tempo becomes hectic when Srutiraj falls in love with the hero while he is staying with a fisherman’s family but he spurns her hand and returns to fight his ‘dharma yudham’.

The story is revved up in the second part when the villain gets into act. In the climax the tension peaks when Rishi pleads with Sanjai Ram (leader of the militant organization) to shoot him first before he is overrun by the police and then kill Sudhakar Vasanth (Andavar).

The film would catapult Sudhakar Vasanth to fame. With a clean shaven and glowing face and without moving out of his seat, he unmasks his ugly face. His characterization of the role is commendable and makes him eligible to be admitted to the villains’ club.

Rishikumar gives a realistic performance as a gun-toting angry youngman and as a smart collector. His romantic pranks with Sujibala are hilarious.

Srutiraj plays the wife of Rishikumar and she fits this simple role. Kannada actor Marudamalai plays the second villain. Director Sanjai Ram is adequate for the role of Chinna Marudu.

M.S. Bhaskar’s team is featured in as many as 20 comedy scenes. “Looty” by Bhaskar in the name of Muthukutty is a riot. Music director Praveenmani’s score is soulful. On the top of the chart comes the ‘ kuthu’ song “Alamaathu Alamaathu…” by Ilayakamban.

Leo’s camerawork adds to the quality of the film.

The flipside is that sequences are disjointed just for hiking the suspense. With the result the momentum is uneven.

Director Sanjai Ram has put in his best efforts and the film would pass muster.


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