Kannamoochi Rae Rae next for Simran

After the overwhelming response for her Navavelli in Simran Thirai, the actress will be turning into a 21-year-old in her new episode of Simran Thirai’s sixth story Kannamoochi Rae Rae.

The protagonist, Simran, this time plays the role of an innocent young woman whose beauty pulls her brother-in-law Sathyan’s attention. She is caught between the vicious.

Sathyan and her own sister’s happiness. She has two choices in hand to control the situation either share him along with her sister or runaway from home which obviously would result in risking her sister’s life to her monster brother-in-law.

As desires grow and domestic life sours for Sathyan, the whole family’s life takes a swerve. Simran loses here memory and gets lost in the city, her aged father goes in to a deep coma and her sister is found murdered.

The key to all problems Sathyan roams around as a free man longing to get back his object of craving. Will Simran fall prey into his trap? Will her sister’s murder be avenged?

As memory plays hide and seek in this millieu Kannamoochi Rae Rae will have all the answers.


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