Shriya Had Breast-Uplifting?

Sizzling beauty Shriya is one girl who is known for her sexy curves and sparkling eyes, she has the most intoxicating looks and her smile and lips need no introduction as they ooze out nectar that can melt a million hearts. The luscious legs of Shriya need no description as they have caused a major uproar in Tamilnadu some time back.

Now, the latest talk that is happening on the circles is her protruding cleavage. It is being noticed that her assets are appearing big these days than in the super hit film ‘Sivaji’. Gossips say that after ‘Sivaji’ she had silicon transplants on the advice of her close friends and director Shankar. Well, heroines need that prominently to rule southern screens.

If this is true, then this is a real shame since Shriya is a natural beauty endowed with the best god given assets and there is no need for anything artificial on her. One hopes that she has not gone for any such modern applications and remains the original angel of beauty as we all know her.

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